iPhone X for $549.?? *not a clickbait*

When on September 12th Apple showcased iPhone X(10), the masses all around the world were left awestruck. They were shocked after seeing this new device. And, I mean who will not left awestruck with this magnificent machine filled with A11 Bionic Chip, which glids like anything.

The phone is built with same glass features as on iPhone 8 and 8 plus. The main screen consists of OLED screen, the most bright screen ever in an iPhone.

So, with good facilities also comes the good price.

64GB model fetches 999$, while 256GB fetches whooping 1149$.

That doesn’t stop down there, what if your iPhone X, just slipped away from your hand. To see what happens watch my youtube video, which I specially made for iPhone X.

iPhone X costs $549.?


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Dhinchak Pooja and her controversies



WELL, Everyone in India is behind YouTube now a days to create their online personas. There are many successful as well as rich you tubers who are very well known. One of the new Internet sensation which can be found around is DHINCHAK POOJA. She is talk of town on everyones mouth.

People roast her songs and also enjoy her video songs. Just before two days she released her new Video named Baapu dede thoda cash. Like I sometimes get amazed on how this type of names she can get.? But still to my disbelief in just mere two days she reached almost 1.5 million views. Thats the biggest thing despite the recent controversy due to which her few of the videos were brought down after some copyright complain from a Twitter user.

Dhinchuks is always ready for some funny type of songs and never ever miss a single chance to entertain her followers. Till day she is getting applauded due to her songs. Well the love of masses doesn’t stop at just only views, but also she gains good likes followed with around 2(two) lakh followers. Yet she is always ready to beat out bush and sing songs for followers and to entertain them.djp