Jio’s Secret

Well anyone here ever thought about WHAT WILL BE JIO’S SECRET?

Well I tried a lot, searched about everything from Quora, Google, and many more websites on how to increase Jio’s speed after 1GB. For me using 1GB with speed of 8 to 10MBps is like a game. There might be many more here who can chunk this 1gigantic byte of data like taking a small slurrppp!

Honestly speaking,JIO SUCKS!

jiologoLike I don’t know why the company is being named in TOP 10 INFLUENTIAL BRANDS IN INDIA.? Hope that it wasn’t paid content. Because they think they are giving customers free doesn’t mean that they can retain customers for so long. I think majority of the masses will be using dual sim cards. One of Jio and other one of different company.

Don’t you think that they are taking governments as a joke and using spectrums as free.

I want to also share one secret with you people that Mukesh Ambani is a billionaire pumping up another billion rupees and wasting public money wouldn’t be a much big deal for him. He just wants to break others and create new type of competition.

You can take example of Anil Ambani. His Reliance is in debt from last many years. Due to this he sold Big Cinemas and now entered into shipping business. Well its also true that it all depends on our luck as well as quality of service they give.

Hope you like my blog. Do correct me where ever I am wrong.

Help me out with comments section.




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